Dating Diaries: She Drank Too Much But I Love Her Still- Paul’s story

Paul is a 33-year-old doctor. He described his style as “conservative” and himself as “smart, kind and insightful. I’m somewhat introverted, but I can really open up once I’m comfortable. I’m a loyal and good person.” Paul says “I enjoy a ‘night in’ more than ‘a night out.’” He likes working out with his trainer, taking dance lessons, reading and watching documentaries. Paul considers himself “a serial monogamist” and says he is “finally ready to settle down.”

I met Georgina through work. She was beautiful and seemed extremely smart and nice. I was hoping we could be friends. With this in mind, I decided to join a conversation she was having with other coworkers about a contest. I ended up joining the contest and losing to her. Fortunately, she then invited me out for a consolation drink. That was the first time we went out. We had a really good time.

A few weeks later she invited me to go to an arts exhibition with some of her friends. I was really happy we were dating, and was excited to meet some of the people she spends time with. When we arrived at her friend’s house, I felt a little uncomfortable because I didn’t know anybody. There was wine, cheese, and some sort of pastry. This will matter later on. After a while hanging out there, the decision was made to head out, but not before the host and my girl decided to slam a few shots.

While we were walking around, we were holding hands, and I noticed Georgina was walking slowly. Minutes later, I realized I was literally pulling her. I turned around to see what was happening and immediately saw her falling to the ground, passed-out drunk. I couldn’t see her friends and didn’t know their numbers. I had no choice but to carry her and wait to get a cab.

As I was carrying her, two people approached me and asked if everything was alright, and if I was aware that the girl I was carrying had vomitted all over the back of my clothes. I, of course, was not aware. I humbly explained to them that she had too many drinks, and had passed out, and that I was trying desperately to find a cab to take her home. As I was talking to them, she started vomiting again. They gave me a bottle of water for her and helped us a cab.
We quickly got in, and after the driver noticed Georgina’s condition, he handed me a plastic bag and told me to use it in case she got sick again.
I carried her up a flight of stairs and into her apartment, and she blew chunks all over: the front door, the floor and even the walls! I put her sideways on her bed and went to clean the vomit. After I was done, I checked on her and found her doing better. I crashed on the couch, but checked on her a lot.

The next morning, she woke me up super fresh, without a hangover, happy and completely oblivious to the ordeal I had gone through. After I was done telling her what happened, she told me she was totally surprised I didn’t run away, and that she knew I was a keeper.

Looking back, as disgusting as it may sound, I would do it all over again. This girl is worth it. Also, I liked the feeling of being able to care for and protect someone I deeply care about during a moment of vulnerability. I don’t think we get opportunities like that very often.

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