Dating Diaries: Our love for Music was the connection – Nicole’s story

Nicole is a 28-year-old accountant. She says “My look is ‘tomboy-chic.’ Tight jeans and sweaters, boots, small studs. I can get it together for formal occasions, though.” Nicole is “a total daydreamer — very imaginative. I self-reflect a lot.” She adds “I’m also more driven than ever, to grow in my career and life.” She likes to cook, read, do crossword puzzles, listen to music, and says “I love to gossip.” Nicole describes herself as “very impatient” when it comes to dating. She says “I’m adventurous, considerate, confident. I’m the kind of woman who knows what she wants.”

My last serious relationship was quite a few years ago, and since then I have changed so much. It’s been hard finding someone who complements my new sense of self these days. It’s also hard finding a guy who has the time to date, who wants to actually get to know a woman and build toward something great.

I met Michael online, and I liked his approach: he loved my taste in music, which was listed in detail on my profile, and we went back and forth discussing our favourite artists and how much music had changed during this century.
After a couple of weeks of conversation, discussing everything from music history to the politics at both of our jobs, he finally asked me out. He actually called me up one night and asked me to go to a concert with him: a local talent who apparently had an amazing voice was performing that night. I was so excited. I put on a hot dress and shoes, and left.

Since we were coming from opposite ends of the city, Michael suggested we meet at the door. I decided to cab it there to make sure I arrived on time; it drives me crazy when people are late and blame it on the traffic situation.
Michael was late meeting me. I could feel the eyes of the men waiting in line, but they weren’t who I wanted attention from. I was tensed, and my heart was sinking — had I been stood up? I decided, after waiting a while, not to care; I wasn’t going to let my night be ruined by some guy I met online. I paid for the ticket at the door, which was expensive, and went inside the venue. Michael wasn’t there, either.

I ordered a strong drink. Just then, as the lights dimmed and the young singer took to the stage, a hand rested on my shoulder. I looked up and saw Michael standing tall above me with a single white rose in his hand. I couldn’t believe he had shown up. He gave me the rose, and apologized profusely, and went on to tell me about the adventure he’d had trying to find a parking spot. He hadn’t texted me because he had been driving. I thought, OK. I’ll give him this.
The concert was amazing. We loved it. Our conversation was easy and flirtatious. When it was over, he told me he wanted to make it up to me, and asked if I would join him for a meal.

Michael really worked hard in making the rest of the night comfortable for me. He was a total gentleman, smart and funny. What more could I ask from him? He spoiled me with dessert, plus a few more compliments on my outfit, and after, a goodnight kiss at my door. It was perfect; I didn’t want to rush. He certainly put in work ironing out the one wrinkle of the evening, and by far, this date was the best I’d had in years. We already made plans to see each other again. I love how music can bring two souls together.

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