Dating Diaries: Old Pals Make The Best Dates- Isioma’s story

Him and I had history. Well, not thaaat kind of history, but the kind where you know someone from back in the day and had you both been in a different space and time who knows what the possibilities could have been. One rainy night, while leaving LIMA with my girl, we bump into HIM on the sidewalk.

He calls out my name and I look up and there he is standing there, tall as ever, grinning. “Hey sweetie,” he says as he hugs me, “Hey hun,” I say giving him a hug back. At this point it’s raining hard so HE asks my girl and I if we would like a ride to our car. Of course we say yes and hop into his boys’ Range. On the way to our car we were all laughing and joking and having a good time! Once he pulls up to my car he pulls out his phone and asks if I still have the same number. “Yes, my number is still the same “I reply as I hop out the car.

The next day I get a call from HIM, and we immediately pick up where we left off. We discuss music, current events, and just life. We are both single NOW, so he confesses he always wished he had a chance back in the day and wants to make up for lost time now. We agree to meet for dinner later on that week at a “surprise” location.The night of the date he comes to pick me up and as I walk outside he immediately jumps out of the car and opens my door. When I get inside I see a gift bag on the seat. “What is this,” I ask? “It’s for you,” he replies. “For me, why did you get me something? “ I ask in amazement. “No reason, I just wanted to do something nice.” So I open the gift bag and inside is the cutest little teddy bear, a card, and the last gift just made me grin from ear to ear! Beside the card was R Kelly’s Love Letter CD. This meant the most to me because in one of our previous conversations I told him how R was my favorite R&B artist and I wanted his new album. So the fact that he remembered put a huge smile on my face. (Nothing like a man who remembers the little things!) Inside the card was a nice note that said, “To a Special Friend, I am so glad you are back in my life” Tears!!

On the way to the restaurant we were vibing to some oldies but goodies, then I hear Eric Roberson. I have an affinity towards men who like Eric Roberson, (I have fond memories of the person who put me on to Eric, but that’s another story!) I’m like, “Hey, you like Eric Roberson?” He’s like “Yea, I love Eric!” So we’re driving and and singing, Missin’ (STILL) Yearnin’ (oh no) Tossin’ (STILL) Turnin’ (STILL) Waitin’ Shakin’ Fiendin’ (fiendin’ for her STILL!)

We wind up going to the other end of town and when we get to the restaurant I smile. He has chosen a posh Italian spot because I told him Italian was one of my favorite foods in yet another previous conversation. (Okay this dude has scored all tens tonight so far) Of course he opens all the doors and makes sure we are seated in a nice location. During dinner the conversation was amazing, another turn on. It’s always a good thing when you can have intelligent and honest conversation with someone over good food and drink!

On the way back to my house we pop Eric back in and continued to ponder the possibilities! Once we got to my house he got out of the car opened my door and walked me to my house. He said” I know it’s late, and you have work tomorrow, so I will see you again soon,” and with a kiss on the cheek he left.

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