Dating Diaries: Not all That Glitters is Gold- Lara’s story

All That Glitters……..

In my twenties, I went on a date with this man who seemed so impressive. I met him at a nice fund raising party which seemed like an “upscale” crowd of people.We talked and danced during the entire event, and I agreed to go out on a date with him the following weekend, after we had a few nice conversations over the phone. The Internet & personal computers had just begun to makes its way into our modern society, and I was not in the mind frame of doing background checks on people at that time in my youth. We went on a nice dinner date at a 5 Star Restaurant in Downtown, Chicago; then we were headed to a late movie to see “Boomerang” starring Eddie Murphy. As we were driving on the Dan Ryan, police cars starting following us, and finally signaled for us to pull over. I asked him what was going on and he replied “His tail light is out on the left side” and for me to sit still while he gets out and talk to the police officers.

The next thing I knew … The police asked me to step out of the car and asked me for my identification, and then put me in a different squad car and took me to the police station for questioning before I was released two hours later. It turned out that my “impressive” new male friend was a sophisticated drug dealer who had a warrant out for his arrest as a suspect or involvement in a murder case.He was considerate enough to tell the police officers he had just met me, and this was our first date and not aware of any allegations or history for who he was After they questioned me for two hours, it was confirmed that I had no connection with the man, other than a first date and a mutual political acquaintance.

I called one of my brothers to pick me up at the station, and explained the incident to him. When I said the man’s name, my brothers screamed at me because he knew who the man was. My brothers asked me what did I THINK the man did for a living, and I told my brothers, the man told me he was an Investment Banker and gave me his business card. He was driving an $80,000 Mercedes Benz and told me that he lived in the John Hancock building, where Oprah Winfrey useD to live, so I assumed he was telling the truth.

One year later, the same man was found shot in the head … due to a drug deal incident in Chicago.The beginning seemed so right, and I was ready to go diving into something deeper based on initial “Assumptions” and “Appearances”

As I moved forward with my dating and married life, I have acted like an FBI detective ever since.

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