Dating Diaries: My Date Stole My House Key, So He Could Come Back – Rebecca’s story

Rebecca is a 30-year-old office manager. She says, “I moved here from a small town, I’m a huge sports fan — I love the Jays — and I typically date guys who are less outgoing than me.” Rebecca has “a ridiculously big shoe collection” and says she once ended a relationship due to “a horrific snoring problem.” She isn’t a natural redhead but her hair is permanently dyed red.

“I went to dinner with a guy that my work friend set me up with. The whole thing was a complete bust from the start. I knew immediately that he wasn’t my type. It was a classic situation of thinking: ‘This is the person I got set up with?!’ It went downhill from there. Joe was rude, overbearing and arrogant throughout dinner. I thought he understood that the date was going nowhere, and I was relieved when dinner was over and he drove me home. Unfortunately, that’s when the night got even worse.

“Once we got back to my apartment, Joe got out of the car. I assumed he was going to open my door, but it was actually to pull a bottle of booze out of his trunk. He told me that he thought we could bring the ‘party’ to my place, even though we had just had a dinner date that was as boring as it was without sparks. I told Joe that I had an early morning. He tried again, but saw that being persistent wasn’t working, and said he just had to use the bathroom. I should have told him to use the bathroom at a gas station, but I sighed and let him come up to use the bathroom and then leave. Bad move.

“While he used the bathroom I got a glass of water, and when I came out of the kitchen, I saw him sprawled across my couch with his shoes on. I banged on the table and told him to get up and leave. Instead he started taking his shoes off! I couldn’t believe it. I told him in no uncertain terms not to bother getting comfortable because he was leaving. Now.

“He seemed genuinely surprised that I didn’t want him there, and I basically had to shove him out of my apartment. Once again, I felt relieved … and that’s when I noticed that my keys were missing. I quickly called his phone to see if he had taken them. Of course he had ‘accidentally’ grabbed them on his way out, and he said he would be right back. It was like the bad-date version of when you leave something at a guy’s house so you can see him again.

“I said I’d go to him, but he hung up and soon enough I heard my elevator ding. I ran down the hall and grabbed the keys. He tried hitting on me again until I told him he was definitely not coming back to my place. I’m a tough girl and not much bothers me, but this was easily the worst date of my life.”

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