Dating Diaries: Mr. Bar Man


Dear Diary,

This past weekend Amanda and I randomly wound up at Friday’s by my house after a birthday party for drinks.We were casually sitting on the bar, talking and sipping our drinks, when across the bar a tall cutie caught my eye.  He was over six feet tall , smooth dark complexion, with a slim athletic build. I made eye contact with him and quickly looked away. During round two of our drinks, the waiter tapped me on the shoulder and slid me a piece of paper. I look at him quizzically and he says, “That guy over there” and points to tall cutie. I lifted my glass and smiled at him and he smiled back. Amanda and I were talking to some other guys on the bar so cutie stayed where he was and I decided to call him the following day.

The following day I called cutie and found out that his name is Brian. We exchanged the usual pleasantries getting to know each other convo. I, of course, asked if he was single, he said yes, he was actually divorced and the father of two. This caused  a slight red flag for ME since I have never been married or had children, but I was not going to say anything just yet. He explained to me how him and his wife met online on a whim, and married a month after dating for a month. They were both in the military and moved around alot for their careers. I engaged him in more small talk. He then asked me if I had children, and if I wanted any. I told him no , I didn’ t have any, but wanted some one day, then silence. “Hello, Hello” I said into the phone. Are you still there? “Umm yea” he said, “but just so you know, I’ve had a vasectomy.” ” Ummm okay,” I replied.

At this point I’m thinking why do I care if he had a vasectomy or not? I don’t recall asking him to father my future children, we were not even dating yet, but I went along with it.  “Aren’t they reversible?” I ask. “Yea, something like that,” he mumbled. From there the conversation went downhill and he sort of rushed me off the phone. Odd, I thought hanging up.

The next afternoon I texted Brian just to say hello. He responded hours later with a brief response. Okay I guess this guy was expecting me to marry him and want to have his babies, since he went from hot to cold after telling me about the vasectomy. I deleted his number out of my phone never to hear from him again.

What gave? Are men afraid of women who don’t have children wanting to have their babies???


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