Dating Diaries: Meeting The Parents

I remember it like it was yesterday. My ex boyfriend and I had been dating for about two weeks, dating as in hanging out, we had not had the exclusive convo yet, when he turned to me in his car and said, “ Let’s go by my mom’s house”. “Umm are you sure about that?” was my reply. “Well she lives right down the street from where we are, and  know she cooked dinner, so let’s go eat with her.” OMG. I thought to myself! I  DO NOT want to go to this guy’s house and meet his mother! Not yet!  I mean, we just started dating two weeks ago, weren’t we jumping the gun a little?

At that time, meeting parents meant something to me; it meant that this guy was ready for something serious, something exclusive, and something permanent. While I liked him, I still wasn’t sure I was in Hey Let’s Meet our Families territory just yet. I was never the” Fall Head Over Heels” for a guy, no matter how cute, the first week kind of girl. Sure I got excited, and I wondered about potential relationship possibilities, BUT the rational part of me always cautioned me to slooow down when first meeting a guy and let him show and prove.

As our relationship progressed and as our dinners at Mommy Dearests’ house became weekly, because we did decide to become a couple after a few months (He showed and proved!) I pondered this meeting the family early thing.

After talking to several girlfriends who had not met any family members after dating someone for months and in once case over a year, yet claimed they had a boyfriend, I wondered if meeting the family really meant anything at all, or if it meant something for some people and not others? Like did some men only bring “The One” around their family, especially their mothers, or did others just bring any and everyone around the family, so meeting them was in reality no big deal? I remembered having play brothers who brought a different girl over their family’s house for different Holidays (in the same year), and then others who never introduced anyone to their immediate family unless they were dang near ready to marry her.  This led to me to wonder, when do you introduce your children to your mate or meet theirs, if at all? I met my ex’s son early on into our relationship and I immediately fell in love with  him, but what if you are not sure you see a future with the person? Should you meet the kids at all?

What Do you Think? Does meeting a potential Mate’s parents before a Title is given indicate that he is serious about getting exclusive with you? If things are serious, how soon is too soon to meet the family? Is there such a thing?


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