Dating Diaries: Truth Time Ladies, The Guys Are Watching – Josephine’s story

It took me 31 years to realize this , but men , mature men are watching. They are watching how you conduct yourself, they are watching how you handle conflict, they are watching how you handle your life affairs. Normally I write from a woman’s point of view, since after all being a woman is all I know how to be, but today’s post is to help women BE BETTER.

We say, we want a MAN , not a boy, but many of us are acting like scared little girls and expecting a MAN to want to deal with it. Y0u will hear me reference my last relationship ALOT, and even someone who helped me get over THAT relationship, because it helped me BE BETTER! I was that girl throwing tantrums, getting mad when he didn’t pay me attention at the exact moment I wanted it. “Oh wait, you’re not available on MY TIME?!”  Oh no, you might get a nasty attitude in return or me texting you to death.

I’m hearing so many stories from women and men telling me how they got hurt or mad, when their partner didn’t do what they wanted, so they acted out in some ugly ways that was so beneath them. After listening to it from a man’s point of view, ladies we gotta stop.

Stop listening to your girlfriends telling you, “Girl if he really cared about you he would put up with your attitude.” The reality is, no one should have to put up with rubbish from anyone. We are all supposed to be mature adults, so we need to act like such even when someone hurts our feelings.

Women you do realize the mature men who are serious about settling down and having children want a woman with a level head MOST of the time. They will give us a crazy pass every now and then, because, yes we all DO and WILL get a little out of pocket errry now and then, but please believe he doesn’t HAVE to and definitely not because he cares about you.

Some of you are doing the most and this man is not even your boyfriend! You are NOT giving him incentive to give up the easy single life, because frankly you are making his life WORSE! You want to be a wife then act like a WIFE. I don’t care if you are not one yet, or don’t have children, act like you DO and it’s coming soon!

Act like the woman a man wants to come home to or at least consider coming home to. Act like someone he can be proud of in public. Act like you have some class and decorum. You may one day represent that man and his last name, be someone he is proud to call WIFE or yes even BOO.

Looking back, I am embarrassed at some of the childish ways I’ve acted with mature men because they didn’t deserve that . Sometimes, an immature man will mess you up for someone more mature if you don’t change your ways. Some women haven’t had a man since eternity – why because you’re crazy, you’re clingy, and you’re out of pocket more than half the time. It’s okay to BE IN YOUR FEELINGS, we all have feelings, but learn how to be in them in the proper way and then communicate what those feelings are so your pre-MAN understands.

Many of us have lost the battle because we have no clue what we are doing, and before getting a man, I just want us to BE BETTER. The next time that man calls to say he’s coming in late, or has to do something with the boys, say ” Okay babe,” and address the issue when he gets home. EVERYTHING is not a fight .

Choose wisely and DO BETTER.

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