Dating Diaries: He Was Just Too Hungry- Nini’s story

I shouldn’t even be calling it a date after what happened. Let me paraphrase, I had an appetizer with a younger guy.

I wasn’t that the one that demanded to be taken to a restaurant. I was on my own, when he called to say he hasn’t seen me in a long time and he would love to. He told me to pick an area where we could meet and I wasn’t going to pick my backyard so I suggested ICM, which he agreed to.

I got to the mall fifteen minutes late due to traffic. I asked where he was seated and he said Debonair’s Pizza. Once I saw him, I asked why Debonair’s and he said there was no place to sit in the other restaurants like KFC & Chicken Republic.
I sat down and we started gisting. After ten minutes, he asked what I’d like to have and I said pizza. He asked why pizza.
See question.
I smiled and said because Debonair does not sell Amala and Ewedu.

We went to the counter and he requested for the small sized pizza. I asked what he was having and he said I should not worry about him.
I asked for a drink, water precisely and he stared at me in a way that seemed to convey, “Will you die if you swallow spit after eating the pizza?”
Common water. Then he kept ransacking his bag for “change” to pay for the water while the girl at the counter stared at us impatiently. I was embarrassed. When I offered to pay, N200 note miraculously emerged from his hands.

It turned out he didn’t get anything for himself. He stared at me intensely as I opened the pack of my small Pizza. I wasn’t comfortable so I asked him,
“You sure you are okay?”
He said he wanted to ‘taste’ the pizza. He started eating the pizza and he refused to be a gentleman and stop, chewing my pizza like a screen muncher. I ended up having only two slices cos I ate slowly.
When he had bellieful with the piizza. He was just talking and talking cos he now had strength.

Few minutes after, a young girl joined our table with a cup of creamy coldstone Ice Cream. I told him she was making me crave Cold Stone. He said, “Hmmm madam, you are your own oh. Me, I don’t have any money to pay for any ice cream.”
Like I asked him to.

Note: He doesn’t even know I am older than him yet he called me madam. Naija Sugar Mummy?

I spent the rest of the time there listening to him talk about how he wants to groove Lagos with me. Talk about his dreams and aspirations which included having a Nigerian music blog & moving out of his parent’s house in Ogba to a place in Akoka. Talk about his stingy elder brother in the UK who refused to send money for him last month and his dotting mom whom he kept referring to as, “momsy”
You know it’s only mama’s boys that still say, my momsy this, my momsy that, my momsy oh, NSG I want my momsy.
I spent an hour and thirty minutes with him before leaving.

Oh, when I went to get my Cold Stone Ice Cream at the counter before leaving, he excused himself to the restroom and returned in ten minutes, after I was done. Fear or guilty conscience?

Of what use is a relationship with a guy like that to a girl ready for marriage?
You guys that keep saying give younger guys a chance. Well, done did that. What do I do next?


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