Dating Diaries: It Was A Show Of Shame As His Girlfriend Showed Up- Jenny’s story

Jenny is a “39-year-old girl who has had no luck in the dating world” who works in customer service. She says “I’m a total fashionista. My favourite colours to wear are pink and white. My friends describe me as ‘high end,’ but I know how to dress for less.”

Jenny says “I always look on the bright side, no matter how bad the situation is. I’m very easygoing, easy to talk to, and I never judge anyone.” She says “if I’m not at work or sleeping, I’m at the gym, out for coffee, shopping, or at farmer’s markets. I also like baking with healthier ingredients.” Jenny says “I’ve been single forever. Maybe four years? Too long! I’m on the picky side. I don’t settle for less than I deserve.”

After finally giving in to online dating a while ago, I started communicating with one guy in particular, Richard. He seemed like a nice guy. After a few chats, he suggested meeting at a coffee shop near my place.

He was attractive. Tall, dark hair and eyes, well-built. He acted like a gentleman, pulling out my chair and paying the bill. I was really comfortable with him. The date lasted about an hour, with lots of smiles and good conversation. There were very few pauses. I felt like I already knew him. We had similar families and backgrounds.

After that, we continued to talk and text a lot. He sent me selfies, checked in to ask me about my day and see how I was doing, saying that he missed me and couldn’t wait to see me. I was excited to see him again. He asked me out to dinner for our second date.

Walking from the car, he held my hand. It was so sweet. It wasn’t a very romantic restaurant or anything, just nice and casual, but we had a great time. There was more good conversation between us, and a great vibe. We were giggling a lot, which is a good sign. Everything he said and did was perfect. By the end of dinner, I was thinking that we really had something going.

As we left to go back to the car, a girl ran up to us. She seemed really angry, and I was startled. She started yelling and screaming at Richard in front of everyone who happened to be there. She said that she knew he was cheating on her. What?!

Then she tried to walk up to me, but I backed away. I was so embarrassed. I wanted to crawl away and hide somewhere. Richard yelled back and forth with her for a bit. I was just staring at them going at it. It was like being in a bad dream. Everyone else was staring, too. At some point he turned to me and said that he had to leave, and walked away, leaving me alone with the other girl! I had driven us that night, so I guess Richard took a cab  home.

I was in total disbelief and in total shock. The girl and I talked, and it turned out that Richard had been dating her for a while, and she had found out where he was going to be that night. I told her I knew nothing about it until then. I wanted her to know that it wasn’t my fault in any way. I said that we had only gone out twice, but that he had texted me a lot. After a few minutes we realized that he had been sending basically the same text messages to both of us: the same pictures, the same wording and everything. Can you say “copy and paste”?

She wanted to talk more about it, understandably, but I turned her down. I was so done. I was so turned off and disappointed in Russ. Richard called me that night and I told him to never call me again. He tried texting me and calling again, but I blocked his number. I would never talk to him or see him again. Way too much drama! I’m too mature for this. At 39, this is definitely not something I need.

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