Dating Diaries: In spite of Us being Ill, We Still Enjoyed Our Date – Mike’s story

Mike is a 37-year-old marketing manager. He describes his style as “business casual” but “sporty on the weekend.” Mike is “outgoing, with a great sense of humour.” He likes cooking, movies and music, and loves to play basketball and tennis and attend sporting events and concerts. Mike says “I’m married now, but I dated a lot when I was single. I wanted to be with someone who was fun, outgoing and intelligent — and now I am.”

I met Megan online. She was bright and really funny, and seemed really interesting. I loved her great sense of humour, especially. Even though there was an age gap of about 11 years, we really liked each other online right away, and we started texting a lot. I finally called her up and asked her out. We hit it off in real life, too, and started dating.

A few months into our relationship, we decided to celebrate with a special meal, which we would plan, shop for and cook together. We planned it for a couple of nights after I got back from visiting family out of town.

Back in Lagos, after my trip, I felt sick, but we still planned to spend time together making this big dinner. My energy was low, and I felt nauseous. Soon after Megan came over, I threw up. Megan helped me out, wiping vomit from my shirt. I had to admit that that was a first, unless you count my mom doing things like that when I was a kid.

We talked about the food I had had while out of town, and Megan insisted it was the egg rolls I’d eaten that had given me the nausea and vomiting — she was sure it was food poisoning. I love the egg rolls i, and had brought some home. I’ve been eating those same egg rolls my entire life, and I’ve never gotten sick from them before. Megan insisted that I throw them out. I didn’t have any other food around, having been out of town, so I moved them to the back of the fridge instead.

The next day, I felt better. I was embarrassed, but really happy that Megan had stayed at my place to take care of me. I was excited to spend the day with her, and was actually looking forward to making food and eating something. We spent the morning shopping for ingredients, then Megan went home to change, and came over later that afternoon. She admitted that she was feeling nauseous and needed to rest. I read and watched some TV, when all of a sudden I heard some awful noise in the other room.

I walked in and witnessed Megan throwing up. It was worse than what I had gone through. I tried to return the favour by helping her clean up and get comfortable. She felt bad, and offered to leave, but she needed to go to bed and rest.

I put away the ingredients for our gourmet meal — I wasn’t in the mood to prepare it alone, and it wouldn’t have been fair to Megan, who was sound asleep. I did realize that I hadn’t eaten anything that day … and what did I have a craving for? The egg rolls, of course! I proceeded to warm them up; they were delicious, especially since I knew they didn’t actually give me food poisoning.

The next morning Megan woke up, feeling much better, and asked about the food we’d bought for our special dinner. I told her not to worry about it, that we could make it that night. She asked what I’d eaten instead. I smiled sheepishly said that I’d eaten the egg rolls, of course. We both laughed. Vomiting is a pretty major turnoff, but spending a weekend taking care of each other, instead of cooking a gourmet meal, is true love.

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