Dating Diaries: I Went From Grieving To Finding Mr Good Guy – Bibi’s story

The classic movie “Four weddings and a funeral” teaches us that you will never know when and where you will find love it sometimes comes at the most unexpected time and places.

On this particular Friday morning the last person I was thinking about seeing was Mr. Good Guy. See, that morning I was preparing to say good-bye to my Father at his Homegoing Service and as I got my tissues ready, I got a text that said “Thinking about you.” It was just what I needed and wanted. After the funeral and after spending time with family and a friends, a nap should have been in order, but something kept me up I kept looking at that text that read: “Thinking About U.”
After a few hours and reflecting- I called Mr. Good Guy and said, “Can I see you?” Backstory, I had met Mr. Good Guy the week before at a New Year’s Eve Hotel party with my girl. Ironically, I was about to head back up to our room when he tapped me on the shoulder and introduced himself.

He quickly said, “Yes, what time and where?” It was like he came to my rescue. I was tired of mourning, tired of crying ,and I wanted someone to comfort with me some laughs and hugs and maybe a kiss on the cheek.He picked me up told me how strong I have been this whole time. I asked him what he wanted to do. He replied anything you want to. I knew that I needed something to sip on and my favorite drink is Jameson and Ginger Ale. It’s the best with a Cigar. So we went to my favorite cigar shop and I had the managers give him a private tour. The shop was closed but my friends opened it up for us at the last minute. They helped Mr. Good Guy pick out a cigar that he would enjoy. I was purchasing my regular collection Cherry Flavor Petites.

The manager suggested we go next door to the jazz lounge to smoke there. We headed there with no problem and pulled some seats up to the bar. We talked and talked, he reached over to kiss me. We ordered the best soul food ever. I lit his cigar for him and he lit up my heart with this…” I just want to say thank you for allowing me to meet you on NYE. I had the best time and I hope there will be many more.”

After a few puffs of the cigar and some drinks the bill came. I knew this place was not going to be cheap based off the food and drink prices. My old ways of 2013 crept in and I pulled out my wallet to contribute. When I tried to give some money towards the bill, he pushed my hand away at least 5 times. I was thinking… What this guy going to pay this expensive bill? I was the one who wanted to see him. It was the best thing ever.

We walked downstairs to the DJ area and shared one last drink and a kiss and a big hug.We head back to my place and we talked some more in the car. He walked me to the door of my building, then the door of my apartment, then the door of my bedroom.

In the middle of the night I found myself in the bathroom throwing up from the drinks and crying. Why crying? I was missing my Father but guess who comes rushing to the door to check on me and get me some juice? Mr. Good Guy.Since then Mr. Good Guy and I have been hanging out just about every other day and things are going great. I went from preparing for a funeral to say goodbye to my Father to saying HELLO to someone that I could see staying in my life forever.

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