Dating Diaries: His Ex or ‘girlfriend’ is a CRAZY Girl- Blessing’s story

Dear Dairy

Dating in Lagos has become dangerous o. Perhaps, one needs to carry a pepper spray of something, you just never know, what’s around the corner or B-)  on a ladder these days. All I wanted was someone to chat with and may be hook up with, if I felt like it, but things quickly got out of hand, before I could blink and I had to make a dash for my life out of my date’s apartment.

Derrick and I met online, months ago but we just flirted, nothing serious, until he asked me out on a date, one date led to another and another  and then I figured it was time to turn things up a notch! After one of our dates, Derrick suggested that I come back to his house for a “nightcap” to which I readily agreed.

Well, our nightcap turned into an “overnight” cap, and the next morning I hopped out of bed to get ready to leave. As I was getting dressed I heard a knock on the front door, so I went into the bathroom where Derrick was brushing his teeth to tell him someone was knocking. He was like, “Oh no, it’s okay, I don’t need to answer that. They will go away.” I thought that was a strange response but minded my business and said okay and continued getting dressed.

Did I add that during all the dates, we have had, we have always ‘bumped’ into a particular lady, who had always patted Derricks arms in greeting, while whispering in his ears and sending a catty smile my own way. I had asked about, who the lady was and he had given one reason like that, I can’t even remember now.

Just as I was putting on my shoes, the knocking turned into loud banging like someone was about to bust down the door! I started to get a little alarmed :shocked: and said, “Derrick, someone is banging your door down, you might want to get that!” He’s still telling me it’s nothing and not to worry about it. At this point I’m hesitant to leave because I don’t know who the heck was banging on the other side of that door! Just as I was about to ask him what he would suggest I do, to get out of his apartment, the banging stopped.

Finally, I say to myself. Deciding to give things a few minutes to die down, I followed Derrick into the living room to ask him who in the heck was banging like they have lost their mind! As we made to sit down on the couch, I suddenly heard a loud bang coming from the balcony area. I look through the shades and see the top of a ladder being pushed against the balcony and some woman screaming, “Derrick I know you have some b**** in there!” I proceed to see the top of some woman’s head coming over the balcony and I was like, “is this really happening? lady climbing a ladder to get into a man’s house?  Are you serious right now!”  This was a real life scene from THIN LINE BETWEEN LOVE AND HATE playing out before my eyes and somehow I’m  caught in the middle of it! And yes, it was the same lady, we had always ‘bumped’ into on our dates.

Derrick’s eyes have now popped out of his head and he was  cursing up a storm and looked at me and said “This girl is crazy; you better get out of here and quick!” If looks could kill I would have killed him TWICE right then and there but my  Mama didn’t raise a fool, l so I grabbed my bag and hightailed it out of there! I ran down the steps of his building as fast as I could and as I came out I heard some crazed woman screaming and made a mad dash for my car! Needless to say that was my LAST encounter with Derrick or any guy that I met online ever again. You just never know what baggage they are carrying about. I got a pretty load myself.

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