Dating Diaries: Hilarious!!! Rather Than Send Me Pictures Of His Face, He Sent Those Of His Feet- Vicky’s story

Vicki is a 36-year-old sales manager. She says “I’m blond, with a little help from my friends, and I take pride in my appearance.” Vicki says she is “outgoing, social and easy-going, even though I’m a Gemini.” She is “usually happy — I believe in the ‘laws of attraction’ and being a glass-half-full, optimistic thinker.” She says “I’m really good to people, so I expect the same in return. If someone treats me badly, or takes me for granted, I don’t shy away from initiating a discussion.” Vicki says “I used to date men I had to ‘work’ for because I needed the challenge, but then I discovered that wasn’t really good for me.”

I met Ben on a dating site. He started to chat with me, but he didn’t have a picture of himself on his profile. I’d just gone on a blind date with a guy who didn’t have a picture on his profile, and that had turned out badly, so I’d promised myself I wasn’t going to do that again. Ben engaged me in conversation for about 45 minutes, while I was also chatting with a few other men. In terms of details, I only knew his first name, and that he was a VP at a big company, and all he knew about me was that I work in sales for a corporation.

He asked me if I would go out with him. I liked our conversation, but I wasn’t interested in a totally blind date again, so I asked him to send a picture. He kept chatting but ignored my request. I got annoyed and told him I wasn’t going to waste my time unless he sent one. He immediately wrote that he’d send something — and sent over two photos of his feet, instead. One shot had a pair of ski boots on a mountain; another was of his feet in sandals in a warm locale. I burst out laughing. After that, I decided to risk it, and said that I would go out with him because I thought he was funny.

We planned to meet at a nice restaurant downtown that I chose, because I knew the place well, and if the date ended badly I could stay and still have fun on my own. I had also set it up so that a friend was waiting for my call, if needed.

I went early to have a drink, and lo and behold, my friend Billy was at the bar of the restaurant. He’s a great guy — we’d met through work and had some friends in common. After his divorce, I actually offered to write a dating profile for him, since he was new to the dating scene, and he had teased me for never setting him up with a profile like I said I would.

He walked up and said hi, and my heart sank. I didn’t want Billy to see that I was on a blind date, especially because I was on a blind-blind date, and didn’t know what Ben looked like. He could be an ugly troll for all I know. I tried to get rid of Billy without making a big deal of it, but he laughed and said I was being rude, and that I should offer to buy him a drink.

I told him I never buy men drinks, so Billy bought me one, and I had to sweat it out with him at the bar for a while. Eventually, he started asking me where my friend was. It was then that I noticed the look on his face: he looked guilty, but also like he was holding in laughter. I suddenly figured out that he had duped me: Billy was Ben. He had set up a profile under a different name.

After figuring this out, I was nervous, because I didn’t know what his intentions were. Had Billy just seen me online and decided to play a joke? Was this supposed to be just friends, or was it a date? I decided that the logical step was to drink a lot that night.

It got comfortable eventually. We both got smashed. I did most of the talking, like always, but he jumped in where he could. We laughed most of the night. At some point, he put a fake pair of crazy teeth in his mouth, which I thought was both hilarious and really embarrassing. He even ate with them in his mouth. I think we both didn’t even know if it was a date, or a fun friend night, but then we were suddenly making out. We’ve been together ever since.

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