Dating Diaries: Help! She Accused Me of Using And Dumping Her – Daniel’s story


Dear Diary,

I met a young lady about six months ago while out with friends. After we struck up a brief conversation I invited her out to eat at a local eatery. Before our meal arrived we exchanged small talk. She was very attractive, but after waiting for over 20 minutes, our food still had not arrived. I was getting impatient and I could see that she was too. When the waitress finally arrived with our food, my date was very rude and nasty to her and it just completely turned me off. Don’t get me wrong, I hate to wait too, but how someone treats other people is a huge indication of character to me and I really did not want to be bothered with her after that. We finished dinner and went our separate ways.  We may have exchanged a few casual texts after that, but I never asked her out again. I sure wasn’t interested in dating her after that show down.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and some friends and I went to the bar for a drink and I saw the young lady. When I saw her, I smiled and waved and she gave me the ice grill. Hmm that’s strange I thought, wondering what her issue was. As the night went on, I saw her a few more times and each time, she looked at me like she wanted to kill me.  Finally, I walked up to her and asked her (in a friendly way of course) what I had done to offend her and was she okay? She looked me up and down and spat out, “What did you do? So typical, after men get the booty,  they carry on, you like you never existed!”

” What?” I said looking at her like she was crazy. You do realize we NEVER slept together right??? What are you talking about?” She stopped, paused, looked at me and said she had to go to the bathroom and ran off. Of course she ducked and dodged me for the rest of the night.  All I could do was shake my head and laugh. For once in this dating game, I did nothing wrong. I hope she remembers who she slept with next time!


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