Dating Diaries: He Drank Too Much And Passed Out On My Couch – Bose’s story

Bose is a 35-year-old makeup artist. She says, “My personal style is very relaxed. I dress ‘business professional’ for my job, but outside of that I am a tracksuits and hoodie girl.” Bose says, “My personality is very bubbly and social. I do not have any problems striking up conversations with strangers. For fun I enjoy playing sports and socializing, going to the movies, cooking and reading. Pretty normal things.” She has been single “on and off for about three years now” and says, “My dating life comes and goes in spurts. After a while I give up and stop online dating, until I get bored or lonely, and then I go back on.”

When I met Joseph online — on one of the many sites I have tried — I thought he might actually meet all of my requirements. I was instantly physically attracted to him when we met. He had a great smile. We also hit it off socially — he was fun to be around, and we had a great time together. We went on three or four great dates.
Our next date was arranged via text. He asked if I wanted to go out for dinner and just go from there. I suggested that after dinner we could watch movies at my place.

We went to a restaurant that we had actually been to before, on another date. The interaction was flirty and comical, like all of our dates had been up until that point. We decided during dinner to go to the bar and grab some liquor so we could have some drinks during the movies. I thought this might be the night that sex was introduced into the relationship.

Back at my place, Joseph mixed himself a drink with some of the rum we had bought. He drank it really quickly. Then he made another. He had two full drinks before I had finished half of my first vodka tonic.

Soon enough, he fell asleep on the couch. Which was, okay, whatever. I was tired myself, so I thought it was time to go to bed, but when I tried to wake him up, he wouldn’t budge. I mean, he wouldn’t budge! I actually had to watch him breathe for a while to make sure he was okay. He’s tall and a big guy, and was half hanging off the couch, so I just covered him up instead of trying to move him.

He hadn’t finished his third drink, so I went to the kitchen to dump it, and that’s when I noticed that he’d polished off the whole bottle of rum in three drinks! No wonder he passed out. Maybe for a big, tall guy it wasn’t that much alcohol, but if you’re passing out, it’s too much. We are not in high school. At this point, I just really hoped he would be gone in the morning when I woke up.

He wasn’t. It was so awkward. He actually said he wanted to go back to sleep in my bed. He wasn’t even hungover, as far as I could tell. Like what, I was allowing him into my bed at that point!

I sent an immediate mayday to my friends and pleaded for an exit strategy, and thankfully a minute later I got a call from a friend saying that I had to come “pick her up.”

Joseph and I left the house at the same time. I went to my friend’s house to offload the horrible tale. Joseph texted me later and apologized for passing out, and that was it — we never contacted each other again.

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