Dating Diaries: He Asked Me To A Movie And Went Mute On Me – Chika’s story

We all know that talking can get you into trouble on dates. Whether you drop a bomb about your baggage, manage to insult their mother, or just get flustered, it’s easy to say the wrong thing. That’s why we had to share a story from a reader about someone ruining things by keeping mum. Hope you enjoy this story as much as  we did! Thanks for the contribution, sweetheart!

So, recently I have decided to get out of my two year long dating funk by taking a “Yes Man” approach to dating.  I say yes to pretty much any guy who asks me out within reason (okay, so I’m not so good at the ‘yes to everything rule.’). Still, I have been out on more dates this year than the last two combined and there have been some pretty awesome ones in the mix.  But who really wants to hear about the good dates? It is all about the awkward, the weird, the dramatic. So here is a weird one for all of you.


It is a second date scenario – second dates are my downfall, I swear. This one had promise though, the guy (we’ll call him Dean) and I had a great first date and kept up with each other consistently with calls and texts. He lives a little ways from me, so the second date was about two weeks after the first.  I was set to have a great time. We were going to see “Prometheus” at midnight (I’m a sci-fi/comic book/fantasy geek so it is right up my alley), and I was under the impression that we were doing a double date with a friend of his. Nope. I meet up at the theater with him and I’m happy to see that he’s waiting outside with tickets and my favorite drink, only to tell me that his friend is third wheeling. I was less than excited, but I like making friends and luckily got on well with the new guy immediately.

Now, here’s where it gets weird.

Dean turns out to be a total movie buff – something that would be awesome if he were not also the type who likes to ‘immerse himself completely.’ He was totally pretentious about the entire movie experience, already critiquing the previews of Prometheus before we got in.  Which, as someone who dedicates most of her study to analyzing the form and construct of comics, was interesting but the second we hit the theater door he completely clammed up. Honestly, he would not even try to hold a conversation with me and we had an hour until previews started. He told me that he had to get into the right mindset and that he could not talk. I nodded politely and munched on my popcorn, which earned a sympathetic look from the friend who, helpfully, tried to start up talk with us, only to get shushed.  The entire time I was thinking, “Seriously, dude? You are not the one flying into space to find your creator, you’ll be fine if you hold a conversation with me.”  The date ended and he did not even walk me to the car or give me a kiss goodnight.  The only good thing about the night was his friend who was actually polite and interesting. Go figure.


And the real kicker? A few days ago he asked me to Spiderman and I really can’t bring myself to go even with my loosely followed ‘yes’ rule telling me I should.



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