Dating Diaries: Having a boo at work? Yes or No?


Dear Diary,

Let’s face it; most of us spend the majority of our free time during the week at work! Work is the place where you not only give your all for that paycheck, but also a place where you mix and mingle with people and personalities that you otherwise may not have gotten the chance to mix and mingle with. These people oftentimes include members of the opposite sex!  If you’re like me, you have never been fortunate enough to work with any eye candy that could tempt you, but for everyone else in the work world that is not always the case!

When faced with that single cutie in the cubicle next to you, what do you do? After all, this is a person that you see every day, have probably gone to lunch with at some point, maybe even attended after work happy hours/functions with,  so you really have a sense of what they’re like when they are off the clock and have possibly even developed a genuine friendship with this person. When the attraction is mutual, do you cross the “work friend” line or not?

The sensible side of me says run, reconsider, do some living! There are just too many scenarios that can go wrong. There is a serious case of the WHAT IF’s when dealing with work boos. WHAT IF, you all start dating and things don’t work out and you have to see them everyday even though you can no longer stand the sight of their face? WHAT IF, they turn out to be crazy and bring drama to your workplace? WHAT IF your co-worker’s are constantly in your business, adding unnecessary drama? These are just some of the factors one has to consider when deciding if they want to take things to the next level with a co-worker.  However, on the flip side, WHAT IF the converse is true?

WHAT IF you meet the love of your life at work and that person is just really sweet to you and drama free? WHAT IF you work on different floors and only have to see each other when you want to, or meet up for lunch when you want to? WHAT IF you are friends with this person platonically for a year or more and something else beautiful just naturally develops? I have had the pleasure of working with couples who met at work and are happily married, so anything is possible! My advice to anyone contemplating entering a work romance is to proceed with caution as with any budding relationship, and to weigh the pros and cons. If things don’t work out, are you going to be able to still function at work at optimal performance without this person serving as an unnecessary distraction? Only YOU can decide!

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