Dating Diaries: Dating A Broke Guy? It’s Not Worth It- Sewa’s story

Found this amusing comment in one of our old posts and I just had to create a fresh post out of it.

I’ve almost dated a broke guy and I broke up with him before we could even start. At first, I told myself that I wasn’t materialistic; that money didn’t mean anything to me. I could say that because I am blessed with parents who provided well for me.

I got tired of meeting him at restaurants and all we’ll do there is talk for hours on end and then share a meat pie and a drink, when people sitting around you are eating pounded yam and soup with juicy pieces of meat, or rice and chicken. I was always hungry around him. On some occasions, I would have been with him for a good part of the day and eaten next to nothing and then my mum would call me asking where I am and saying that she has made semo and okro for my lunch. If you see the the speed I use to leave him on those occasions eh!!! LOL

We would enter taxis and because I knew that he was broke, I’ll offer to pay for the fares. After a while, he got used to me paying. When we enter the taxi and reach our destination, he’d wait for me to pay. That angered me.

When I got fed up with the whole thing, I broke things off with him. I didn’t want to get ulcer because of a boyfriend. This is someone who would eat a greater part of my food when we go out and I get very hungry and get myself rice and chicken or swallow. I’m not a snacks person. I prefer to eat well but I eat slowly.
I resolved never to date a broke guy. In this guy’s case, he was already talking marriage but I wasn’t moved. That doesn’t make me materialistic. It’s so not worth it. You’ll start to resent the guy. And it’ll give you an idea of how a future with him would be if he remains broke for a long time.

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