Dating Diaries: Crazy is as Crazy Does!

Dear Diary,

I dated a man off and on for over four years, and we will say the relationship was tumultuous at best. He recently posted a message on FB on his birthday stating that he was having a bad day and that everything sucked. To be nice, I sent a birthday message and below is what transpired…..

ME: I am sorry you had a bad birthday. I hope the last few hours turn around. Wishing you the best.

HIM: Whatever

ME: No, seriously, I am sorry. I just mentioned that it was your birthday to our boy Don. I hope it gets better.

HIM: Don’t talk about me

ME: Don’t worry, I never will again. I hope you have a great life.

HIM: I do, thanks!

After this exchange I proceed to de-friend MR.EX and move on with my life. Below is the message I received from him after I did this. 

HIM:Think your big and bad erasing me as a friend? I could give a fuck less! You meant nothing in my life anyways. Go and suck and fuck your boy XXX. Yeah I knew about that. Your a fuckin slut like all these other bitches. Glad I didn’t stay with you and glad dating you is over.

ME: How dare you??? I have never done anything to you. EVER. I tried to be nice and wish you a happy birthday because you seemed like you were having a bad day and you come back with this shit. Are you crazy??? I have always been respectful to you and you have the nerve to call me a slut. You are absolutely delusional if you think I would stay with someone who couldn’t stay away from cocaine and alcohol and then say the bullshit you do. If I am a slut then you’re a fucking loser and a nobody. And based on your response you do give a fuck. I was trying to be nice and you come and say this. Of course I would defriend you, first you threaten to hurt me, call me a monkey and then a slut. Wow. I know your mother and father are so proud of you now and what you have become which is a nobody. I can’t believe I would ever think I could love you and want you in my life when you have the nerve to say all this shit. You are an ass and you can go and fuck yourself for all I care. Just leave me alone.

HIM :You’re right. I apologize. God Bless. Im different now, you just caught me on a bad day.I really am sorry. Your A good woman. You’ll make a man Happy one day

ME: No you’re not. You’re such an ass .You say this shit to me all the time when I am being nice to you. I am just shocked an appalled that I dated you, told people I loved you. I am stupid for ever being with you.

HIM: First of all, I changed my life, Ive been stopped all that shit and I live on my own! Have been for over four years now. I’m a grown ass man that makes 100,000 plus a year. And my girlfriend is beautiful and I never cheat on her. So I’m a Sombeody!

HIM : Second, I said I apologize. I was def wrong, I was being an asshole.

HIM:If I burned our bridge forever, I apologize .I’ll still think of you and pray for you and your family.

HIM :I’m sorry, I feel like an ass right now

ME:You should feel like an ass because you are. You need to get your temper together, it’s been this way since we were dating. Bridges were burned years ago because of your behavior. I just wanted to be nice. I’m glad you have a gf and never cheat on her. I’m sorry it took you almost 29 years to get it right and that you had to hurt lots of people in the process. You truly do make me disgusted. I can’t believe my stupidity.

HIM: OK. I would feel the same way if I were you. Just wanted you to know-you were a part of my life and you were always kind to me. I wil never forget you no matter what happens in my life. I was immature just earlier, I had a terrible day and I saw your message at the wrong time. Take care, I won’t bother you, but I have feeling we will cross paths in the future, you never know. Anyways, take care and be safe.

ME:Look I don’t care about your apology and your excuse that you had a bad day is utter bullshit. You are the epitome of an asshole. I never had the courage to tell you about yourself when we were together, but I do now. You can maybe lie to your new gf but you will never be able to lie to me. By your response I can tell you haven’t changed. You’re he same dude who would get fucked out of his head get in his feelings say some off the wall bullshit and have to then beg for forgiveness the next day after being a roided nutcake all night. Your responses shows nothing has changed. I don’t need, want or desire your apology. I truly wanted to say happy birthday because not even my worst enemy or scum of the earth deserve to have a bad bday. But all you did was prove that your still a hot headed nobody who could of been a somebody.

HIM:Whatever Bitch! Bye

So, the moral of the story is once you stop associating with CRAZY, leave it alone. Crazy people will never change they will forever be crazy and psycho no matter how nice, pretty or generous you are.


Dear reader, do you think she was been too harsh and maybe she just caught him on a bad day and should have accepted his apology? Or you do think he had no excuse whatsoever to come off on her like that, calling her hurtful names and making her angry when she was only trying to reach out to him on his birthday?

Let us know what you think!!


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