Dating Diaries: It Was A Date To Remember! -Alex’s story


Dear Diary,

From horrible first dates, weird encounters, Facebook arguing, being put in the “grayed” zone and a date that turned into a trio, I can see women as well as men becoming cynical when it comes to dating one another today. And I know sometimes things can happen “out of left field” that can leave you speechless and unprepared when a date takes a bad turn, but please do not let it discourage your dating lifestyle. I can’t speak for everyone, but I know what I needed to do in order to have a healthy dating life. And here is my story…..

After a few bad dating experiences I had in the past, I wanted to take a different approach when it came to dating for the year. A friend of mine, convinced me to tryout a speed dating event. I heard of speed dating before but never consider doing it but, hey, it’s a new year and time to step outside my comfort zone and try new things, plus it might be fun. Well to make a long story short, I had the best “15” first dates any woman could ask for. I went into this speed dating event with no expectations and an open mind.

Surprisingly, I met a lot of interesting people. Both the ladies and the guys were cool and chill. Everyone was just having a good time socializing and getting to know one another. And of course I had a few connections with a couple of the guys that lead to actual dates.

My most recent date was with a guy name Eric. We had an instant connection during the speed dating event and exchanged numbers. We communicated a few times on the phone to get to know one another, however, between are hectic schedules, finding time to go on a date wasn’t easy. Final, we both had a free opening to have a date, but the time and location was still in the air.I told him I would let him take the lead on picking a time and place.

So, throughout the week, Eric was asking me what type of food I like and making sure I was still game for our date. The day of our date, I received an invitation text message to accompany him to Grace’s restaurant at 7:30PM. Talk about a sweet cute gesture.I met him at the restaurant and we had a good time. The conversation was genuine, the food was good and he didn’t do anything out the ordinary that would make me go hmmmmmm. He was a gentleman. At the end, he walked me to my car we hugged goodnight and made sure we texted each other once we both were home.

When I arrived home, I felt so at peace within myself. I went into this dating experience with no expectations and no pressure. I didn’t look at Eric as the next “boo” in my life but more as a potential friend that I am getting to know. Hence the key words, “getting to know.” A lot of people do not know how to “get to know” someone which leads to terrible dating disaster and bad relationships. Whether we become an item or not is far from my mind right now. I am just enjoying the journey of dating and getting to know someone without any pressure. I have a few more dates line up with other new guys and I can honestly say I am having a good time in my dating life and I hope it continues.


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