Dating Diaries: My Date Knows How To Pamper A Woman – Grace’s story

Grace is a 38-year-old nutritionist and chef.  She loves nature, including “long walks in parks, camping and hiking along waterfall trails.” Grace loves theatre, “especially musicals,” and any occasion to wear a dress and heels. She says “I met Tad online, and just knew he was the one. He is so romantic. He brings me flowers every week.”

This was my first out-of-town, “romantic getaway” date with Tad. We met online. I would never have expected that such an average way to begin would lead me to the love of my life. I think our relationship works because we work on it, partly by going on romantic dates. It’s making the effort to dress well, finding somewhere new to try different food and just creating experiences to have together. That weekend, Tad had a cold, but he was still game and excited.

I was so charmed as we drove the narrow streets of the small town where we were staying. The houses were beautiful and looked like gingerbread cottages. When we walked into the inn, I imagined what it would be like coming home to this house if it were mine. It was gorgeous and so romantic. We were handed our keys and headed upstairs.

I was even more delighted with the room. Tad had to lower his head to come through the doorway, but even he thought it was beautiful and charming. Tad is a romantic, like me. Just standing there together, looking out the window, I felt frozen in time, and like we were filling the room with the energy in our hearts.

That afternoon we took a walk down the main street of the town. Tad said hello to everyone we passed, which he always does. I love that he is so open. He also does a lot of funny voices and impressions. We looked at the houses and fantasized about buying a home together somewhere like this someday. We also talked about taking a tropical vacation, but agreed that we would prefer to go on road trips to beautiful little towns and cool cities, instead. After a while, feeling chilly, we found a nice-looking restaurant and decided to go back for dinner after a nap at the inn.

That night, with the scent of snow filling the air, I felt like I was made of magic. We stopped to take pictures against the backdrop of evergreen trees. At the restaurant, I asked to sit near the window, where I couldn’t see the beautiful nature outside in the dark, but felt that I could maybe sense it. Tad always lets me have the best seat — on all of our dates, he has made sure that I’m comfortable and happy. This was no exception.

The menu was prix fixe, and filled with extras and indulgences I would never order for myself, but was more than happy to enjoy with Tad. I had steak, pâté, ice cream and champagne. Tad said that his steak was sublime, which meant a lot, because he’s an expert. We laughed and touched a lot, and Tad raised his glass and toasted me, telling me that we were going to have many more dates like this one.

Later, as he found my coat and paid the tab, I walked outside to enjoy the winter wonderland. Tad came up behind me, wrapped his arms around me and gave me a snowy kiss. We walked back to the inn, on wet streets that my ridiculously high boots were challenged by. Back in our room, Tad pulled champagne out of the snow on our patio, and ran me a bath while I drank a glass. It was small moments like that that made this date extra special.


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