Dating Diaries: We Went On A Tour Of Lagos And Helped A Guy Propose To His Lady – Tami’s story

Tami is 24, works in the travel industry. She says “My personal style is librarian-inspired — lots of cute dresses.” Tami likes trying new wine and the latest restaurant, and dancing. She says,“I am bubbly, easygoing and a bit of an introvert. I love to do spontaneous things, but also need lots of down time to recharge.” Tami says “I’m always looking for someone who gets me out of my comfort zone.”

I met Andrew in a college course we were taking. After a few months of talking, it was clear we liked each other, and he asked me out. We had a lot in common, and I liked that he had travelled a ton. He’s cute, too, so that was a bonus.
Since Andrew had only lived in the city for a short time, I told him I would plan the date. I felt like I should set something up that was specific to the city, and since we already knew each other from class, the date also needed to be more creative than the typical “get to know you” kind of thing.

I used travel websites regularly for work and had seen a unique request on one of them. The request was from a man from Europe who was making an engagement video for his girlfriend, and was looking for photos of people around the world holding up signs with his name asking his girlfriend to marry him. It was adorable! The goal was to collect as many photos as possible for the proposal video.

I decided that this would be the perfect activity for our date, as it was a great excuse to walk around, be silly, and show Andrew another side of my personality. Also, my travels are a large part of who I am, and I wanted to give back to someone who is also more “globally minded.” I drew up the sign and met up with Andrew. I was a bit nervous that he would think it was cheesy, but he was excited!

We started, of course, at the National Theatre, and took a photo there. We then went to Onikan Museum, City Hall, the lagoon at CMS bus stop and finally the Elegushi beach where we took photos of the sign with some graffiti. It was so much fun to be a tourist! Growing up in the city, I can’t say I have ever taken photos of the beautiful landmarks in my city before. It was also a great way to point out some of my favourite little spots in city along the way and to blend our dating story with someone else’s romance.

The conversation between us was relaxed and naturally turned to talk of travel and vacations. As we learned that we had both lived abroad, we really got a chance to share stories about some of our more wild adventures. He once spent an evening in the desert; I haggled for a goat at a market in a Ghanaian market.

That Andrew was so game for such an unusual request was a big plus in my eyes. I am sure not everyone in the world would have enjoyed an afternoon like that. After we had snapped the photos, we grabbed some drinks an much needed food, at a cute restaurant and spent the rest of the afternoon chatting. We ended the date with a kiss.

A few weeks after the date, I actually got to see the video we contributed to. It was the perfect excuse to invite Andrew over!

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