How to cope with Breakups

It’s ok to cry

Recognize that it is not weakness for you to mourn your lost relationship. It’s fine if you feel sad, confused, angry, exhausted, frustrated, bitter and depressed. Grieving is an important part of the healing process. As much as we recommend a time for mourning, we advocate that you do not go overboard. Accept and prepare that you inevitably, have to move on.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

Some of us deal with grief in the most intense ways. We soak ourselves into our job. We hit the gym and spend five hours there. We start cooking for our entire neighborhood…anything to take our minds off the turmoil in our hearts. While it is good to be strong and move on with life after a bad breakup, realize that you would eventually break down at some point (hopefully, not at a board meeting). You need to heal. You need closure. It’s ok not to be you for a while…it’s ok not to be in optimal shape for a bit. Heal. Really, heal. And then bounce back, better and happier.

That’s what friends are for

Going through a breakup is hard enough; why would anyone want to go through such alone? Hopefully, you have a solid support system of friends and family, that you can cry in their arms, that would wipe your tears and comfort you, and well as nurse you back to sound mind. Sharing your feelings with family and close friends can help you get through this trying time, because isolation would only make you get more depressed, increasing your stress levels and make it impossible for you to concentrate on anything worthwhile. Consider joining a a support group online or offline, where you can interact with people in the similar situations. Support from others is critical to healing after a breakup or divorce. Reach out to people who have gone through hurtful breakups; they have been there and they can help you get your mind in the right perspective.

Meet new people

Sometimes, we soak ourselves too much into a relationship that when its over, we realize that we have no friends to turn to. If your social networking phased out while you were engrossed in building this relationship that just fell apart, you would have to try to reignite old friendships, as well as making new ones. After, you have grieved and gotten all the tears out, you have to get up and experience the great outdoors. chances are, when you were dating or engaged, you stopped doing a lot of things for yourself and started to sacrifice for the other party. Now, would be a good time to get back on track with those dancing classes you abandoned and replaced with indoors movies with the boo. Volunteer somewhere… sunday school, school for the disabled, church, hospital etc. The trick here is, to pour out all the love in your heart into doing something worthwhile. Breakups have a way of leaving us feeling purposeless and volunteer work has a way of making us feel purposeful. Nothing like helping those in need.