Breakup Support

ll_11Relationships and engagements end for several reasons… but for whatever the reason, it hurts! Whether the relationship was a bad one and you would eventually be better off without it or not, your emotions still end up topsy-turvy. Breakups hurt tremendously because it represents the loss of shared dreams, hopes and aspirations. No-one goes in a relationship or gets engaged with the intention of walking out later (except for a selfish few), thus when these relationships fail, we experience real pain, stress, grief and disappointment.

A breakup can leave you feeling venerable as you are re-launched into uncharted territory and an uncertain future. Your schedule has to be rearranged and you have to find stuff to fill up the time you would otherwise be spending with your former love. Many times, we experience a tornado of feelings and thoughts; from being all strong and cheerful, to breaking down like a jelly when a memory flashes by. Meeting a member of the opposite sex (or same-sex, if you swing that way) gets you wondering if this new person is the ‘one’, or puts you off completely and you end up releasing negative energy. What would your life be like now? Would you end up sad, alone and living with five cats? Would you find love again? How would you cope without this person? It hurts not to know what the future holds at times like this.