Support for the Bereaved

ll_10Lean on friends and family members

Now isn’t the time to be self-reliant. Most times people want to help but do not know what exactly you need; so feel free to ask for help from family and friends; whether its with work, grieving or burial arrangements.

Be creative about your feelings.

There are various ways to creatively express your grief. You can keep a journal about your grieving and healing process, write letters of things you ought to have said to this person but didn’t get the time, participate in a cause that he/she was passionate about, write a tribute to this person or build something in his or her memorial.

Comfort in religion

Since many of us have practicing religions, now would be a good time to accept the comfort that our religions bring. Whether its by praying with other faithfuls, booking mass for the dead, celebrating the live of the deceased or simply reading the holy book and praying, we are sure to find solace in the religion we practice. If on the contrary, we feel disappointed at being bereaved and not really in the mood for the spiritual, talking to someone who believes in the same faith can help us get back on track and put things in perspective.

Look after yourself

Try not to fall sick or get high blood pressure or fatigue. You should grief yes, but be sure to get enough rest, eat adequately and move around, get a bit of exercise done. No, this would not be a time to indulge in alcohol or drugs, no matter how tempting they might seem. In the long run, you could get addicted and have a bigger battle to fight. Remember, that the only way to honor the dead is to live better, to make better choices and make he/she proud.