About Us

About Us

Welcome to The Love Lint… a relationship support community, and a safe haven for all things about LOVE… the good days, and the not so good. We understand that love has several seasons and so, no matter what season you are in, whether you are falling in love again, falling out of love, mending a broken heart, holding out on love, or simply just being in love with yourself, you will find a safe haven with us.Here, we provide the platform to commune with others, share experiences, seek advice, and get the strength required to move on. Our forums are moderated by a hands-on Team, with a wealth of experience in relationships and breakup support. We have all had our fair share of relationship drama, and are able to provide our expert advice, support, and a good listening ear.

Coming soon is our premium matchmaking service, aimed to match serious, compatible individuals, in a secure and well thought through medium, to ensure only the best connections are made, devoid of cyber trolls and scam artists.

Live… Love… Learn… Love again!

Ndidi 2.jpgNdidi

After several chaotic and volatile relationships in her late teens and early 20s, during which she had her fair share of heartbreak and disappointment, she found her Mr. Right in her 30s, and is happily married with kids.

No, her marriage hasn’t been easy, but she has learnt enough from her past experiences to always turn even the most sour lemons to a cool, sweet glass of lemonade ;-)[/vc_column_text]

jacy 3Jacy

Jacy is a single mom in her late twenties. She works as a brand strategist in a Communications & Brand company during the day and as a writer at night; when she is not helping her daughter with homework or drawings. She is cheerful, friendly and spiritual.

She is currently not in any relationship but she has a few love interests. Her world revolves around her daughter, church, movies and her career.


Kristine is a straight-talking woman. She has had a three-year stint as an agony aunt with a national daily, dealing with varied relationship issues.

She is married with kids and ultimately believes that fear and pride are the Achilles heels of relationships.

Obiora 2.jpgObiora

After years of floating in the dating wilderness, Obiora is happily engaged to his soul mate. He has been on both sides of the breakup spectrum, meaning he has dumped and been dumped.

He has felt heartache raw and stinging, and has learnt a lot of lessons along the way.