7 Ways To Show Her, You Are The Real Deal!

You met her. She’s smart and beautiful and funny, and you’re not the only guy who’s noticed how great she is. But while the boys are lining up for her number, you can quietly capture her attention by brushing up on your real-man skills. Modern men understand that when it comes to dating a woman of worth, old fashioned values never go out of style. If you want to stand out and show her what you’re made of, follow these dating tips:

1. Make Plans. Spontaneous moments may be where the magic happens, but that doesn’t mean you should leave date planning up to the wind. Real men make reservations, arrange transportation, show up on time and dress appropriately for the occasion.

2. Call Her. In the age of texting, an actual phone call will impress. No electronic communication can provide the intimacy and connection of hearing each other’s voices. Be the man who calls, not the guy who “hits her up” in txt spk.

3. Pick Her Up. “I’ll meet you there” tells her you’re not that committed to the date. Friends and guys who want to reserve the option to bail halfway through the night “meet up.” Grown men go to her house and pick her up in a clean car. But remember, women have good reasons to be cautious. If she prefers to meet you there, don’t press it. If you’re the real deal, she’ll soon look forward to seeing you at her front door.

4. Give Her a Compliment. Don’t be fake, but do show her you’re interested. Sure, compliments on her good looks or stylish clothes are nice, but telling her you admire her values, her perspective or her ability to succeed in a challenging career field will let her know you’re a man of depth. Women want to know you find them attractive, but they also want to know if you’re looking for more than a pretty face.

5. Talk It Out. In a world of Internet dating, too many guys think they can “swipe left” at any time and find a better woman. But a grown man knows that misunderstandings happen in every relationship. Instead of hitting the bricks the instant conflict arises, be the one to start a conversation about your differences.

6. Ask Better Questions. One surefire way to stand out in a crowd of lesser men is to ask her questions that lead to deep conversation. Some small talk is normal on a first date, and you don’t want to start with “How do you feel about having children.” But once the ice is broken, don’t be afraid to go beyond the surface and ask about her goals and long-term ambitions plans.

7. Give Her Your Attention. When you’re with her, be with her. Put your phone away, don’t look at other women, and don’t talk about your exes or tomorrow’s heavy workload. Give her your undivided attention. Real men know how to be present in the moment.

Culled from http://askdearlove.com/7-ways-to-show-her-youre-a-real-man/

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