5 Ways to Love Your Hot-Tempered Man and Turn Him into Your King

  • Speak NOW!!!


When you are married to or in love with a man, who has the will and the wish to do great things in the world but has a short temper, then you need to train yourself to speak your wishes in the moment you feel them.

Forget about bringing up issues that had happened in the past, forget talking about something that happened in the afternoon at dinner time.

If he does something to offend you, state it right there and then, don’t compile grievances to be aired later, it will only fuel your partner’s anger

While you are at, when you want him to give you what you want, say it. Tell him what you want, often too and wait for him to deliver, because he will always deliver. One of the great beauties of a raw man is their willingness to do whatever they can to satisfy the desires of their woman. You know why? It enforces their virility, their ego.

Your part is to communicate your needs with clarity. Rather than ask him to plan a date, lovingly mention where you will like to go to, because the whole plan is about pleasing you. So, if he plans without your help and you end up not liking the place or menu, I tell you he would know, even if you say otherwise, because he picks up on your emotions easily and it feeds his anger or joy, as the case may be.


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