5 Ways to Love Your Hot-Tempered Man and Turn Him into Your King

 Before I write anything, this article is not for you, if you have come to the realisation that you need anger management or people have been telling you, you need to get a handle on your anger. Two angry people do not complement each other at all, rather they cause chaos.

However, if you have found yourself in love with a man, who has a short leash on his temper, but also loves you too, then, you can indeed make this work, his temper notwithstanding. I remember one pastor painting scenario a few years back, when I was newly married.

He said, if your hot tempered spouse is calling you at the same time as your pastor, it is a commonsensical thing to attend to the call of your spouse first, before your pastor, as you can apologise to your pastor later or there might be no need to do that, as he/she would understand.

The plain truth is, we have demonised boisterous men with big temper. We call them “beasts.” I know because I do and I try to avoid them at all cost but it’s possible to manage that “beast” and turn him into your staunchest supporter and king, who would cross any ocean and climb mountains for his love.

So here are five ways, you can do that.

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