5 Reasons Men Leave Their Relationships

I wasn’t particularly eavesdropping on their conversation, I was more interested in what was going on, on the screen of my phone, but one of the women, I was sitting close to at an event, said clearly, “If I had known, he wasn’t going to be mine in the end, I would not have bothered doing all I did back then.”

With a simple sigh and “Hmm” by her partner, she went into full lamentation mode, talking about how she had turned into a detective and “snooper” extraordinaire, and a one-man breaking and entry squad, while heavily pregnant with her fourth child, all in a bid to get her husband back from the arms of the woman, who had “turned” him in to her toyboy.

This woman, whom, I have never met in my life is a beautiful woman, a bit loud but for someone, who has had four children, she looked good, yet, her husband left for months, sent money for housekeeping whenever he could and sometimes didn’t even bother for months. From rumours, she heard about the place, where he was holed up with his mistress, so she went there to get him back, and in her own words, “scatter the place and with her being pregnant, she had a field day, as no one wanted to harm a pregnant woman.”

She then went to the shop of the mother of the woman, who had “taken” her husband to inform her that her daughter was planning an ambush for her, a heavily pregnant woman. As you might have already guessed, that man left in the end, leaving her with four children. He went away with another woman. She just wished, she hadn’t bothered with all that stress of getting back her straying husband.

Since, I never got to hear from the man, I may never know why he did what; leaving his pregnant mom of three for a hotter babe.

Meanwhile, if you have ever read the joke, that once made the rounds on social media, about how to please a woman versus how to please a man, it actually makes satisfying a woman, a herculean task that can only be done by a mythical man, because no man can really do what was on that list.

When it comes to the aspect of the guys, it’s just too simple, that any woman can do but sorry to burst your bubble, there are more things that are not on that list that break a man and can make him wave good bye to his relationship, no matter if that woman has had 20 children for him.

Here are some reasons, a guy would just check out on his relationship; be it a marriage or a short or long term relationship.

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