5 Little Things That Impress A Lady


Men often wonder, if it is ever possible to please a woman; to impress her, to take her breath away with what you do?

Well, the answer to all of those questions is yes and yes. It is so possible to impress that crush, your lady and the many females in your life. It literally takes nothing away from you to do that.  If nothing, it prepares you for when you need to make a grand gesture.

Speaking of grand gestures and gifts, they are not unwelcome. I mean, who doesn’t like to be spoiled every now and then? But it’s not the material objects that truly prove to us how much you care. As much as this is said, actions really do speak louder than words (and flowers and chocolate!).

The occasional present doesn’t outweigh the more regular, subtle acts (read, important). The things women find meaningful are what their partners typically don’t think about or plan. Simple, sweet gestures are often most cherished but it’s the everyday things that make all the difference.

Here are some gestures to take her breath away:


  • Ask her, “How was your day?”


It might seem a really mundane question but that is the point. The mundane are the things that really matter. Asking how her day went shows interest. It shows that you care enough about her to want to know what happened while you weren’t there and you can bet that, once she’s able to sense you are interested, she will open up and truly tell you about how her day went.

In fact, she will be looking forward to telling you about her day the next day. Guys, when your lady is talking with you, you have no problem, it’s when she isn’t that you should know there is a problem.

It’s impressive to know to know that you care about the small stuff and are willing to learn more about us.


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