4 Uncommon Gestures Your Man Would Love!

A simple Google search on how to show love to your lady will turn up numerous pages of how you can wow that special lady in your life, but it is not necessarily the same when it comes to how to treat that awesome guy in your life, whom you know deserves some TLC once in a while.

However, with guys, there is the delicate business of you having to think up something really ‘cool’ (something, that does not diminish his manhood in anyway) or, you just go the whole hog; you have to blow him away, so he’s too busy gushing to realize he has let his guard down, like the video of the man who was speechless when his wife bought him an SUV.

He was in shock! He couldn’t even walk properly, because he couldn’t believe it! He opened the car door, and turned around to ask his wife (who was capturing his reaction on her phone) what he should do. It was that good, and then, he went gaga, as he swept her up and swung her around for what seemed like hours on end. It was quite beautiful and heart-warming…to watch a man getting wowed by his spouse.

1. Get that broken thing fixed instead of waiting


We all know that men like to fix things, but we also know that, so many things don’t get fixed, because they don’t think it’s worth it or the time spent to fix it. So, when, you notice that a button on one of his favourite shirts has been missing for ages, and it is because of that he is not wearing it, you can help him fix it. It could be that watch that only needs a new battery, which he hasn’t gotten round to. These are often low cost fixes. It’s the sort of thing that is just inconvenient enough that a guy won’t do for months, since it’s not a priority, but will be so thankful that someone else did for him. He will always think of you when using it thereafter.

2. Homemade Cards and Stick-it notes

This is a standard practice in the Taiwo household, and it was a practice they started whilst they were dating. One day, Monjola was going on a trip and his then girlfriend, Helen, was really missing him and being artistically gifted, she designed a card for him, pouring her heart onto the two pages of the card, and found a way to sneak it into his suitcase.

In addition to that, she wedged two more notes between his clothes. Monjola was beyond surprised, when he got to his destination and, upon opening his suitcase, he met these gems, from the woman he was already missing. He was moved to tears by her thoughtfulness, and the strength of her feelings for him.

Without having done a thing, he called her, and they talked until she was the one, who prompted him about the meeting he had later that day, and the need to prepare for it.

Since then, and even into their marriage, they always write notes and cards for each other, whether either one is travelling, or just because! It is always a powerful reminder that they love each other still. Especially the notes they find in unexpected places.

Any sort of homemade card, for anniversaries, birthdays, or just because notes, are very sweet gestures. And the best part is, those cards and notes are gems! They are treasures that must be stored privately, and every time they are seen, they act as powerful reminders of what a beautiful thing love is.

3. Indulge His Passion for a Date

Most times, it’s the guy that is left with the details of planning a date, with loads of hints from the madam. How about, for a change, you plan a date, tailored to his passions? If he’s a sport freak, take him to see his favourite sport, or team, or both. If he’s into cars, arrange for him to view a car show. The idea is to find something along his interest, and indulge him.

One thing that it tells him is that you care about his interests, and are willing to explore them with him, which says a lot about how you feel about him. Don’t be surprised if he reciprocates with a similar date, based on your interests in the future. That kind of action-reaction chain is just perfect.

We all have those things that, if we could just do them, we would feel so alive. We would feel those moments couldn’t have been better spent, and we would be proud of ourselves for having tried something new. But, of course, life gets in the way, and we don’t do them. And if he has a to-do list, some things he has wanted to try out, like a once in a lifetime act, it would be really nice if you are the one who makes it happen for him.

Set it up, and you will forever have a man who will always have a special place in his heart for you.

4. Let him have a Night off

Hey, hold your horses, yes there are so many men-crazy ladies out there, waiting for your man to be let loose without your no-show presence in tow, however, one of the most romantic thing you can do for your man is to give him a carte blanche night out with the guys.
And no bothering him with calls, messages, pings, curfews, or whatever tactics women use to get a latch on their men. None of those! Let him do what guys do: watch a game, drink some beer, share stories with his friends, and so on. If you give him this much freedom, you can be sure that he will come at night and hold you in his arms like he never did before.

Now, here’s the caveat. Although all these gestures are nice and reassuring, you shouldn’t however let your boyfriend/fiancé/husband get used to them. You can’t afford to be seen as  needy or clingy. Also, if you spend most too much time mainly thinking about how to make your guy happy, chances are you will stop at some point, you will get tired of the whole grind.

However,  a show of  mutual affection from time to time is completely normal and healthy in any relationship, and that is another reason to take your time, and bring a smile to your guy’s face, with a nice gesture.

So, ladies, what are you waiting for? Get on with it already.


Kristine is a member of The Lovelint team. She is a down to earth person, who says it as it is. Having given relationship advice for years in a national daily, she has found out that fear is one of the main reasons holding people back from enjoying a healthy, happy relationship. She is married with kids and is willing to listen to you and help as much as you let her to.

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